Email: 26 May 2003

Hi Janwillem,

Yes, I am receiving information, as you know, I channel automatically. The ring needs to be activated, and it connects to the pyramids, and merges with them, ignites and then connects along the lines in between the pyramids on the ring. The kind of protection it provides is similar to an experience I had whilst in the valley of the kings:- just outside the tomb of Ramasses the third are energy rings that propel those out, in this case does follow those that do not heed it with respect.

I had an ex boyfriend contact me who seemed to have quite a hold over me in the past. I put the ring back on, and the ring seems to go through a stage where it collects the information and develops and immunity against any negativity that could be directed. I still felt it for a while whilst the ring was acclimatizing to it, then all of a sudden it kicked in. I was protected for the first time against his “hold” since 1999.

I did get a lot of information on the pyramids, but at the time, thought you may have enough already, but I am sure I will remember what is needed. It was about the bridging of the heart of Lemuria and mind of Atlantis, to get back to unity, so I would say the protection is working to protect those heart centered beings against those using only their mind. So it probably goes on to relate to the dragons triangle in the pacific and the Bermuda triangle in the Atlantic.

The ring has much as yet to unfold, but some of the information will come out in the future, regarding the pyramids, as there may be plate earth shifts etc.

Also, feel you have quite a role in all this, are you aware of its exact nature?

Hope this helps.

Love and thanks,


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