Email: 5th July 2003

Dear Janwillem,

I was very pleased to receive your ring. However, I miscalculated the size. I was trying to get a ring for my little finger for prosperity and instead it only fits on my ring finger which is for health. This is not a problem. I was wondering if at some later date I could order a ring for my little finger and wear it at the same time as the one on my ring finger? What are your thoughts on this.

It is nevertheless possible that the ring has brought me some luck. Every week I enter the local lotto and since receiving the ring I have won a minor prize three weeks in a row, which is quite a surprise for me as I can go for months without winning everything. I have to say though that the same day I received the ring I also received some Yantras from India. Just in case you don’t know Yantras are etched designs on copper usually and different designs have different benefits. I received two that were for prosperity. So maybe the Yantras also have something to do with my small run of luck. I don’t know. Apart from that I don’t know what to say.

I didn’t notice a particular energy or anything when I started wearing the ring, but then I’m not very good at picking up such things. I have a clairvoyant friend and have been meaning to ask her to hold the ring and see what she gets out of it, but I haven’t had the chance yet. I would be interested to see what she thinks.

On the whole I am very happy with my ring and believe it will be of great value to me.


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