Email: 26 May 2003


I love your Web Page. I can read and read all over again and I’m not tired or bored :)

For long time I’m planning to buy The Atlantis Ring for myself. Always was something which stopped me………….until today………. I wake up today and rush to the computer to do more search about the subject. I found YOU !!!
That’s the ONE!!! Now I know why I did not like the others offers, Web Pages, articles etc. It was no feeling in them. I do believe, a ring from you will do the energy for me which I’m looking for :)

But………. I do not know what size I should order. I’m Cancer, 44 years, mother of two, wife of 15 years older husband and I always dreamed to have my Atlantis Ring on the Index Finger. But you are recommending Ring Finger for Cancer people. What should I do?
Can I have my other rings on the same hand together with your Ring?

Response: You have to do what you think is best for you. I would say go with your feeling. With regard to multiple rings on the same hand/finger that would make no difference for the effects of the ring.

I have very nice collection of golden rings, but for about 10 years I love silver. My new silver collection is base on crystal stones. I like to have a gold ring from you but I do not believe I it right metal for me lately. Silver is for the Cancer and Moon is my Planet. And again what should I do?

Response: We have a very nice metal called: Electrum, this has the features of both gold and silver. It is made from 50% gold and 50% silver. It has a light yellow glow, but it still looks white.

Please, help me to make the right decision :-) I now you have great knowledge about it.

Thanks very much

Kindest Regards

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