Instruction how to use

Wear it on any finger, and if it feels too heavy on one hand, try it on the other. Put it in the special pyramid box that the ring came in for the keeping and recharging during the time you decide not to wear it.

After a while the ring will feel more and more like a part of (you) the wearer, it compensates for missing energy and is an adjusting tool to make the owner perform his/her best. When put in the pyramid box, the box should be lined up one side North South.

You can experiment with the ring on both hands, night or day use and decide which way you feel the most benefit. This ring is made for you personally and after your name has been engraved in it should not be worn by other people. It will work for anybody, any time, any where, in any situation, however, everybody seeking the comfort of the Atlantis ring should have one personally.

When I sat next to a frightened lady in an airplane before take-off, I gave her my ring for the duration of the flight. It gave her a feeling of great comfort and her fear melted away as soon as she had my ring on.

To have the ring on a chain around your neck on your skin, is also a good way to carry it.

Problems are always one’s own making and when the ring gets tuned to the wearer, the better understanding of the self, and the increase in intuition will automatically result in elimination of problems altogether.

It is recommended to make an energy cleansing of the ring once in a while, [at full or new moon] by putting it in the properly aligned pyramid box for 24 hours.

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