Atlantis Jewelry

Since the beginning of time, people decorate their body with all kind of things. With skin painting, by means of clothing, headdresses, and other things, like ornaments, which tradition is still in use in our days. In most ancient known civilizations, such as the one of Egypt (ancient Egyptian amulets), certain metals, symbols and gems were very popular, and not only to make you look better. Mostly magical, and mystical values were given to them, and by means of those ornaments, one was connected with other planets, dimensions or Gods.

Howard Carter wore the ancient Egyptian amulet with the Atlantis symbol while excavating King Tut’s tomb. He was the only member of the team to die of natural causes at an advanced age. In Europe, it is said that whoever wears an Atlantis ring cannot be a victim of a car accident, unless driven to commit suicide.

The Ring : for protection, psychic knowledge and healing

Pendant: for protection and psychic knowledge

The Keychain : to protect vehicles and occupants

The Bracelet : the ultimate protection.

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