The Assouan Ring

Original ring discovered in 1860 in the Valley of Kings, Egypt, in the tomb of Jus, a high priest. At the point of the triangles, there is are holes in the ring, which at the inside of the ring, are connected to each other by means of an engraved groove.

The Assouan Ring

The original ring

Stone Worker

A stone worker in the time of Pharaoh Amenhotep got the inspiration telepathically from the Atlantean intelligences that where in those days still strong. He made it from sandstone. Through its amazing powers it ended up in the possession of the high priest Jua (or Jus) who took it with him in his grave. The Atlantean intelligence knew that the ring would be found in our era and so would the knowledge about Atlantis be revived.

The power of the Ring

By wearing those ornaments, and especially the ring, you get the opportunity to go in to the unexplainable mystery of protection against all kind of negativism. The ring and its symbol are a real Light object. It protects against all kind of disturbance coming from the outside. It is also a barrier against aggressive, negativism and other things that might disturb the frequency of a person, or might bring him out of balance.

Besides protection from the outside, it also protects against influences that appear because of the conscious or unconscious disturbance of ones own energies.

As a matter of fact, it regulates ones own field of energy of which the ring is part.

Although the ring has very special capacities, it isn’t an amulet or thing like that, nor does it get its powers from magnetic, psychical, religious or magical influences.

If you are considering extreme things like suicide, or something like that, the ring shall not stop you. It respects ones free choice. It is remarkable; bearers of the ring are less involved in accidents, like car accidents. It also helps with a better health, and helps by recovering of illnesses or other inconveniences of the body. Also a nice result is that some people have very nice metaphysical experiences, they never were aware of, like intuition.

The Atlantis ring is the absolute armor against any kind of spell or curse that the most powerful magic or sorceress can weave.

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